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Antibody Testing: What We Know From Anonymised Test Data and How We Handle It

As a non-profit organisation, Testing For All (TFA), has been providing affordable test services to counter Covid-19 since September. The test data provides us with valuable first-hand insight into the presence of COVID-19 antibodies among the population in the UK. This article also talks about how we anonymise the data, process and visualise using BigQuery […]

Serverless Game Backend Options for Unity?

After years in Cloud Consulting, I recently made (yet another) career switching decision to come back to the creative industry. As a big advocator of serverless technology, I was very surprised to find out that the wind of serverless computing has not quite reached the gaming industry, and when it comes to the backend for […]

How to Build a WhatsApp Chatbot Using Google Cloud AI Building Blocks

After presenting this demo at Google Developer Group (Cloud) London, a few people asked me whether I’m selling this product… No, it’s a demo to show how we can leverage the cloud to build better chatbots that are capable of image recognition. Read the full article on Cloudreach’s Blog

A Technologist’s View on COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Health Code in China

More than one month has passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, everyone starts wondering, how is all of this going to end? In the American thriller Contagion, where a deadly virus spreads across the world. A vaccine was discovered at last. Still, not everyone can become immune at once. The film ended showing people […]

Build An Automated Machine Learning Pipeline On AWS

Here is an article I wrote for Cloudreach on how a fully automated machine learning pipeline works on AWS – Machine Learning(ML) is the art of using historical data to predict the future – But how can you use historic, ‘ground truth’ data when the ‘ground’ is constantly moving? Read the full article on Cloudreach’s […]