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Antibody Testing: What We Know From Anonymised Test Data and How We Handle It

As a non-profit organisation, Testing For All (TFA), has been providing affordable test services to counter Covid-19 since September. The test data provides us with valuable first-hand insight into the presence of COVID-19 antibodies among the population in the UK.

This article also talks about how we anonymise the data, process and visualise using BigQuery and Data Studio.

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Serverless Game Backend Options for Unity?

After years in Cloud Consulting, I recently made (yet another) career switching decision to come back to the creative industry. As a big advocator of serverless technology, I was very surprised to find out that the wind of serverless computing has not quite reached the gaming industry, and when it comes to the backend for Unity games, there is virtually none. 

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A Technologist’s View on COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Health Code in China

More than one month has passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, everyone starts wondering, how is all of this going to end? In the American thriller Contagion, where a deadly virus spreads across the world. A vaccine was discovered at last. Still, not everyone can become immune at once. The film ended showing people who were lucky enough to get vaccinated put on a blue wristband, as proof of their immunity. Now, the digital adaption of such wristbands has appeared in China, in the form of the Health Code apps. 

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